Exit Popup

to make one last attempt to convert visitors

A message shows on the screen when a user attempts to exit the site. It's a desperate attempt to keep your prospective buyer on the page.

Exit Popup

Increase Conversion Rates With an Exit Popup

Displays a popup with a personalized message at the precise moment when a user is about to leave. This message can include a promotional offer or a call to action that encourages the user to stay and explore your website further. Additionally, it can serve as a great way to capture leads and build your database.

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boost conversion rates

Boost Conversion Rates

Increase in website traffic results in significant business-growth activities like product purchases or lead generation form completions.

reduce bounce rate

Reduce Bounce Rate

Longer-staying guests are more likely to revisit. They grow accustomed to it, which increases sales,

improve seo

Improve SEO

Utilize redirection, message reminders, and other SEO strategies to increase the amount of time users spend on your websites.

What is an Exit Popup?

Exit popups' ultimate goal is to improve leads or conversions while decreasing bounce rates. The bounce rate is a metric that displays how long visitors stay on your website and if they take any action or read more pages before leaving. Exit popups drastically lower bounce rates by providing visitors with a reason to stay.

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