Lead Capture Tool

to track and view subscribers details

Choose your popup and customize your messages in 5 minutes to start engaging your audience.

Lead Capture Tool

Subscriber Tracking and Viewing in One Place With Lead Capture Tool

Convert subscribers into leads and swiftly meet your digital goals.

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Make personalised popups to raise brand awareness. A page with a well-designed, marketed, and professionally implemented popup converts better than any other website with annoying and bothersome popups. So make your pop up one-of-a-kind and inimitable.

improve user engagement

Improve User Engagement

Promote your relevant content, or campaign to increase user engagement and keep them on your site for a longer period of time. In 5 minutes, you can choose your popup and modify your messaging to begin engaging your audience.

seamless integration

Seamless Integration

Allows users to host your own integrated cart on your website while still collecting customer payment information and processing transactions through our platform.

What is Lead CaptureTool?

Lead capture Tool helps to store lead information in order to turn the lead into a paying client. A newsletter subscription or a quote request form on a website is an example of a lead capture page or form.

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