Popups are quite effective, especially when used correctly. Besides collecting quality leads, popups installed on your website can help you grow your email list and increase engagement on your site. Reliable popups can even increase your conversion rate better than landing pages.

The best way to integrate popups on your website is by using plugins. Nonetheless, with so many options to choose from, finding the best popup builder online can be difficult. If this is an issue you’ve been struggling with, we’re here to help. This post takes a look at some of the best popup builder software you can use in 2022. We uncover the pros and cons of each software to guarantee that you find the best software that meets your business needs.

Best Popup Builder Tools

1. ConvertPath

ConvertPath is an efficient Website Personalization tool you can find in the market today. One thing that makes this tool stand out is the fact that it leads to better engagement and increased conversions among your audience. Moreover, the tool offers powerful automation features that make your work easy. If you also want to personalize your popups to suit your brand’s needs, then this is the software to install. You should know that it only goes for just $14.99. Visit Convertpath.com for more information about this tool and how you can sign up for its services.


2. Ninja Popups

When choosing the best tool online, we’re often tempted to follow the crowd. Well, Ninja Popups is a popular tool that will also meet your business needs. The popularity of this tool will tell you that people love it because it serves its purpose. Ninja Popups is also packed with exciting features not forgetting the fact that the tool is also highly responsive.

Ninja Popups

3. Getsitecontrol

Getsitecontrol software is another recommended tool worth trying. This software has plenty of unique widgets you can use to appeal to your users. When using this software, you can manage how you use your widgets using a single dashboard. Besides, other features that this tool offers include a CSS editor, mobile popups, template galleries, segmentation, and more.


4. OptinMonster

OptinMonster is a recommended tool when you’re looking to increase your website lead generation and conversion rate. With this tool, you can convert your visitors into customers. The software can also be easily personalized to meet your business needs. Notable aspects of this tool include ready-made templates, non-intrusive lightbox popups, exit-intent popups, mobile-friendly campaigns, drag and drop makers, and so much more.


5. TrustPulse

You’ve heard of the phrase “fear of missing out”, commonly known as FOMO. Well, TrustPulse is a tool that creates this fear effect on your audience. By doing this, your users are encouraged to take action on your products. TrustPulse also makes use of social proof to boost your conversion rate. Other exciting features of this tool include real-time tracking, smart-targeting, customizable popups, etc.


6. Bloom

Bloom engagement software is a product of Elegant Themes. This plugin provides its users with an interesting way of building popups. The software has plenty of functional features like automatic lightbox popup, time delay, beautiful templates, and page-level targeting. Moreover, Bloom can be integrated with notable email service providers.


7. Sumo

Small businesses might opt for free website popup plugins. When trying to save money on your new blog or website, the best you can do is to turn to reliable free software that offers you the basic features you need. Well, Sumo fits the description. Once you have things up and running, you can sign up for their premium features. Sumo also allows you to use multiple opt-in forms and it connects with common email marketing platforms you may be using on your website.


8. ConvertPlus

ConvertPlus is an engagement tool that is specifically developed to boost conversions using popups. This software is packed with amazing features like full-screen popups, slide-ins, top bar information, sticky boxes, and more. It’s also easy to use this software because it comes with hundreds of templates you can take advantage of.


9. Layered Popups

If you might be interested in creating layered popups on your site, then Layered Popups software is a good option. This lead capture tool allows you to layer your popups on top of one another. If used correctly, this software opens doors to creativity. You can engage with your audience in a different way compared to what your rivals are doing in the market. Layered Popups can also be integrated with popular email marketing platforms online.

Layered Popups

10. Thrive Leads

Thrive Leads popup plugin also stands as one of the best tools to use in 2022. It comes with many pre-built templates you can use to create attractive popups that will boost engagement on your website. Some interesting features that make this tool worth using include its mobile-friendly popups, drag and drop editor, multiple opt-in types, basic A/B testing, and so on.

Thrive Leads

You now have a list of the top ten popup builder tools you can turn to in 2022. To help you settle for the best tool in the market, some crucial factors to consider include:

Factors to Consider While Choosing a Popup Builder

1. Features

When picking the best tool that meets your marketing needs, distinguishing features will make a huge difference. Choose software with features that will ensure your website is not slowed down.

2. Ease of Use

Moreover, you want to settle for a platform that is easy to use. Consider whether the software is easy to set up. What you need is a platform that can be easily customized to meet your website’s specifications.

Boost your Website Conversion with Website Popups

3. Integrations

To top that, you should confirm whether the software of your choice can be integrated with other plugins. For instance, a good tool should allow you to integrate other email marketing platforms.

4. Support

Support is yet another vital aspect that you shouldn’t overlook. It’s important to rely on a platform that can offer you the assistance you need all round the clock. Ensure that the support team is reliable enough and that they can be reached through multiple channels.

5. Customizability

Another thing that you want to confirm is whether the popups are customizable enough to ensure you create unique campaigns on your website. Still, the placement of the popups should be customizable.


Generally, engaging with your customers and nurturing your leads is something that every business should be doing to ensure they grow. With the right popup builder tool, this is a goal that can be accomplished. Make good use of the information provided in this post to find reliable software that will help you create highly engaging popups for your website.

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